The Six Steps to Marriage

There are six (6) steps to a sucessful marriage using the International Romances Web-Site.  It is important to remember that you need to follow all six steps for the best results in your search for the perfect mate.  

One of the biggest mistakes in looking for that perfect mate is to limit the number of ladies that you write to.  It is important to write to at least six (6) ladies, even if one of the first ladies responds to your letter and appears to be a great catch, avoid missing out by limiting your prospects.

REMEMBER, it takes several letters to each other to begin the learning process, which will need to continue for several months with each lady.

Step # 1 - The Lady Registers on the International Romances Site

International Romances recieves the ladies profile from one of the following methods:

  1. Member Referral - Another active member placed a referral to International Romances with basic contact information. Then an International Romances representative contacted the prospective member, verifying that they are serious about the program, assisted the member in completing their profile.
  2. Added by family member in the U.S. - A family member who already resides in the United States submitted their profile for them. Since it was submitted from the U.S. the prospective member was contacted by an International Romances representative for verification and assistance with their profile if needed.
  3. Responded to an Advertisement in their home country - The lady responded to one of the many advertisements placed in Eastern Europe by International Romances who spends thousands of dollars placing these advertisements to make foreign ladies aware of our service.
Step # 2 - The Ladies Profile is Verified
A basic background check is ran on the lady, verifying that the phone number and address are correct and most importantly that the profile was truly posted by a single or divorced lady who is interested in marriage to a western man from the United States. A International Romances representative also verifies the information posted in the profile and assesses the ladies skill in the English language.
Steps 3 to be Determined
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Steps 4 to be Determined
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Steps 5 to be Determined
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Steps 6 to be Determined
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